Friday, December 3, 2010

Corrupt Family Court Judges in NJ

If you treat an animal inhumanely , don't feed it, shelter it, water, there is a good chance you will be put in jail. I agree also you should treat an animal in a humane way. So why doesnt this apply to human being. What i don't understand is why the media, politicians, don't cover why thousands and thousands are being put into poverty, losing there children due to corrupt Family Court Judges playing dictator with a human beings life. Also Judges awarding legal fees to there lawyer buddies without any merit or ethics. I have lived on 60.00 dollars a week while my x made 40000, lives in her boyfriends house that he owns, drives his car and he insures it, joint bank account, pays her water bill, the funny part is when i took my x to court for cohabitation for good cause the judge said it was landlord tenant agreement and i lost case. The reason i suspected it was due to my x moving and not letting me know where my children were for 8 months and i had to  find out only because my girlfriend told my daughter she wasn't meeting her on corners anymore to pick her up.I would also point out the judge awarded her lawyer 11000 dollars in legal fees for me to pay and i netted 8000 dollars in 2008 and 2009 and now on unemployment due to stress put on me. They just took me to court now due to i inherited 1/3 of house from my mom and judge just took my house and put into trust. Her lawyer and judge are now extorting my house even though they no i am living below poverty level. My relationship has been destroyed with my two children 16,18, of age due to judges ignoring fact x wasn't obeying  my visitation and clear cut brain washing. So sum it up, i am below poverty level, relationship with children went from love to hate. An now i have judge and lawyer extorting my inheritance by freezing my house into trust fund while i starve and would be homeless if not for my girlfriend. What has been done to me in 3 yrs is inhumane, total corruption between x lawyer and judge, credit is shot due to court not enforcing her to pay half of marital debt, and in arrears due to not making enough from change of circumstances and judges 3 times rejecting my motions for modification. If this isn't slavery an extortion i don't know what is. Shame on the politicians, governors office, senators, media for allowing this legalized extortion and poverty to happen in the so called land of free. The response is, its a legal matter don't get involved from all. What makes me sick is the media will cover Lynseyylowhand problems, Tiger Woods marital problems, Mel Gibson screaming on phone. But exposing  corrupt judges an lawyers they wont cover and refuse to unless your a movie star or basketball player.  If i could i would move out of so called land of the free, to allow these  judges to dictate your life and destroy it.  The  United States criticize other countries for human rights violations when thousands are committing suicide, losing there children, and having any assets they have pillaged. For being married i now had my life destroyed and had my children taken from me and this is America Land OF FREE BULLSHIT. To allow a single human(Judge) with that much power is wrong and only leads to corruption which i have paper work to prove because i lived it and thousands are  living like slaves to a system that is broken and Corrupt. I have reached out to Governors Office,   they don't handle legal issues such as corruption and human rights violations. I also contacted Senator Menendez office and they would refer it to attorney generals office, what a bunch of pure bullshit. I wonder how these politicians or any human being male or female felt if they lost there children, had there assets stripped, threatened with jail or put in jail by some dictator with a black robe an title as judge. Shame on the media, politicians, for not covering this clear cut SLAVERY. Like i said starving human is  accepted in 2010 but if you starve an animal you go to jail.